Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Finally.. My First Fashion Show..

Woooo.. Really,so sorry readers..  I've been missing in such a long time... and I just have time to update now.. :(

Okay. here's the story..
31st of May, I was having my graduation fashion show which was so awesome! really. finally at last my one torture year of school all end by that day.

What is my collection all about? hmm.. I was inspired by Japanese Festival.
The celebratory mood, The colourful colours, The unique details that you can found during Festival in japan. I translated those concept into my Spring/Summer 2012 collection titled Jap Zap!

Here's I show you my illustrations of my Collection

See, it's so colourful! :) I really like my collection. This is my first collection that I was able to create and put all my heart during my diploma study in NAFA. I love fashion.

From the illustrations, It's only five that were appeared in the show.

*Jap-Zap! Spring/Summer 2012 collection ready-to wear

 *(The close up look) Some of my collection

 *Here's the picture of me (at the right) with my collection. :)

And final story is I'm graduated!!!! yeay!! feels so great!

*me and my mom!

Pictures of my mom and I. She flew from Indonesia to see my graduation show. I am so glad.
and want to thanks for my roomies and house mates who also came to my grad-show and gave me such a beautiful bouquet!!! love you girls... :)