Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Finally.. My First Fashion Show..

Woooo.. Really,so sorry readers..  I've been missing in such a long time... and I just have time to update now.. :(

Okay. here's the story..
31st of May, I was having my graduation fashion show which was so awesome! really. finally at last my one torture year of school all end by that day.

What is my collection all about? hmm.. I was inspired by Japanese Festival.
The celebratory mood, The colourful colours, The unique details that you can found during Festival in japan. I translated those concept into my Spring/Summer 2012 collection titled Jap Zap!

Here's I show you my illustrations of my Collection

See, it's so colourful! :) I really like my collection. This is my first collection that I was able to create and put all my heart during my diploma study in NAFA. I love fashion.

From the illustrations, It's only five that were appeared in the show.

*Jap-Zap! Spring/Summer 2012 collection ready-to wear

 *(The close up look) Some of my collection

 *Here's the picture of me (at the right) with my collection. :)

And final story is I'm graduated!!!! yeay!! feels so great!

*me and my mom!

Pictures of my mom and I. She flew from Indonesia to see my graduation show. I am so glad.
and want to thanks for my roomies and house mates who also came to my grad-show and gave me such a beautiful bouquet!!! love you girls... :)

Thursday, 14 April 2011

All day pancakes.. :)

Apologize to all, I had disappeared for couple of weeks or more? I did not update anything since then. Now, I am back! with these crazy and hectic weeks of school which somehow I enjoy it so much. Time sure flies so fast. It's only left 2 weeks before assessment. After that, I will graduate. so sad.. :(

As time goes by, I want to share my memorably days which one of them is my school's days.
Last Monday, A friend of mine was celebrating his 21st birthday at Strictly Pancake. A Pancake cafe which I found it unique. Why? you could only see pancakes from the menus. From savory to sweet tasted. All day pancakes. Incredibly awesome. :)

* Strictly pancakes at Prinsep Place

* Among the girls. Indra, the birthday boy! :)

I ordered Sweet pancakes. It was Bananas-scotches ($11). It really did not taste butterscotch. haha.Three layers of rounded-moist pancakes with caramelized bananas, a dash of Rum, sprinkles of confectioners sugar and a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream. Such a great combination to sweeten your tongue.


The portion was quite big. Just share it with friends. :)

Let's move on to savory choices. I will definitely recommend you to order these pancakes! they are popular dishes in there.

Beef me up (SGD14). It was written; "A super-thick juicy home-made Beef Patty flanked by Extra-Thick Pancakes with sautéed Mushrooms and a side of Arugula Salad for a tasty energy boost."
It was so true. The beef patty was extremely thick and boosted my friends who ordered it. ;)

* Beef me up

Another favourite pancake of my friend is Garlic buttered prawns ($14). Again, three layers of pancakes served with prawns and garlic butter sauce.The prawns are really fresh and and crunchy. tasted awesome.

* Garlic- butter prawns

Savoury pancakes coming with a side of butter(choice of salted, unsalted, garlic, rum & raisin) and Maple Syrup. but, if you insist to have extra butter and syrup, by add $1.50 you could enjoy it.

*Choices of butter

What so great about this place? the maple syrup is "Pure Canadian Maple Syrup" which I found it healthy. Why healthy? Please read this!

So, without worry to much about tons of fat (indeed)
Let's just release your guilt and enjoy it. Once a time, not a big deal right? :p

Located at;
TEL: +65 6333 4202

Monday, 28 March 2011

Another GIVE HOPE.. Let's rebuild Japan..!

Hey readers! :) Again still talking about Japan.... I found another interesting charity to express our deep condolences to Japan.

Now, Here we are.. Spotted at Milennia walk, Parco Next Next, the local fashion incubator programme located at Marina Bay. What kind of event that they held? They held a "Singapore Designers Give Back"  which started from 25th-27th March. At the end of the 3 heavenly days event, a cheque of the sales done will be given as donation to the Red Cross Charity, the organization handling all donations for Japan’s disaster.

*Parco front view (The display)

*The "Singapore designers give back" event

Those three heavenly days totally feels like heaven.. haha. They really put unbelievable prices for all the clothes. My friend came on their first day and she bought a dress by 20 SGD!!! the original price was 200+ SGD.. Wasn't it crazy?

All the discount clothes were placed in an one corner of Parco next next. Local designer's brands and others local brands were all hanging there and the prices were just nice. :)

 *The discount clothes's corner

I came on their last day and it much much crazier. So, without thinking to much.... I grabbed a few clothes!

* The cowls knit tops that I bought (Original price were 60+ SGD)

 *The taffeta a-line skirt! Love it

I bought those two by 10 SGD only! All the payment for every purchased items (only at that corner) went to Parco cashier's (again I said) will be given as donation.

*At the cashier counter. (Can you see the white box there? It was a donation box.)

I was so happy and also glad that I could be a part of it (Helping Japan from Tsunami and Earthquakes crisis.)

Let's help Japan! yeay!!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

GIVE HOPE :) Let's rebuild Japan!

Deeply solicitude for Japan. :(
Tsunami and Earthquake in Japan really caught attention in the world. It was unfortunate and yet fortunate.

Why I said fortunate? It is also an opportunity for lots of people to show their empathy towards Japan in different and unique ways. I found an interesting charitable activity to support Japan. What is that? I will tell you now! :)

Yesterday, I went to a cake shop in Ann Siang Hill. It is near clark quay and chinatown area. The place is called KKi. What is so curious about them? You can eating your cake while you are hunting toys or stationary in there. The shop has cozy and cute concept.

*The banner

Here's the pictures of their interior from their facebook (I downloaded it). Left side is their bakery when the other side is their toys shop ( known as "The little drom store"). You can find many fascinating toys, artist series books, vintage clothes, retro accessories, and many more.

*The interior of the shop

What is the unique activity that I mention before? Yeap, here we are.. Because of Japan natural disaster, currently they are having an event called GIVE HOPE* Rebuild Japan.

What is all about? Hmm.. you buy cake, you help Japan. They sell cakes look like Japanese flag. Every amount spent will be given to Japan. The event itself is only until April 10th. for more info visit this link.!/event.php?eid=119275584817574.

I went there with my roomates and you know what? Although it was just a rectangle shortcake with a round slice of strawberry on top of it......... but..... tasted really super duper good. (okay, I'm being overreacted. :P)

* The Japanese flag cake

*Side view

It was very thick layer of cake! Creamy and Moist. The cream was so milky, the sponge cake was yummy and buttery savored. It really melted well in mouth with fresh and thick dices of strawberry in there. Awesome! What a great combination. The price for a slice is 8 SGD.

One of my roomie really loves the cake. She said her first bite feels like she is in heaven. It was all worth it waiting for 30 minutes. We came in the evening and the first round's cake was finished. So, we did wait for 30 minutes to eat their second round's cake.

* Caca, my roomie. See? She was so happy and her face looked extremely excited to bite the cake.

What's more fun about the shop? The Chef is Japanese. HAHA.

So, Let's help Japan readers! :)

Friday, 18 March 2011

Death by Chocolate.. :p

Gastronomic pleasure time! :)
I really like desserts! yes it's true. I am badly addicted. Like human need air to keep breathing, I need sugar to keep moving in this life.. :p

All those kind of cakes, muffins, ice creams, local desserts make me feels like in heaven! Yeay.. Tons of fat but at the same time, I don't even bothered with the consequences. My mother always says that I need to be careful with "them" because those may cause diabetic. But still.. They are so incredibly toothsome.

Last time, I got a box of chocolate cupcakes. It was given to me and my roomies from our housemate, Jessica. Anyway, Thank you sweet.. :)

* Awfully chocolate

She bought it from Awfully chocolate. One of the most famous chocolate shop in Singapore. What we had? yeap, definitely... chocolate cupcakes.

* The closer look of the chocolate cupcakes

It tasted so yummy. The cupcake itself was just a soft chocolate cupcake, textured like pound cake and dressed in delicious soft dark chocolate frosting with a dollop of dark chocolate fudge.

Sounds heavy and too sweet, isn't it? But what I found in the cupcake was great and perfect in the combination.

* The toppings of soft chocolate frosting and chocolate fudge

The chocolate frosting which covered the cupcakes was so good. It did tasted sweet but the sweet originally came from pure milk chocolate so it would not make you feel dizzy if you insist to lick it. :) The dollop of chocolate fudge was less sweet and much bitter so it melted well in your mouth.

I thought those topping would make me nauseous because of the sweetness. When I bit the cup cake it did not taste sugary at all. I just could savor a chocolate powder flavor which bitter yet sweet. I think they already managed the level of sweetness in every each of component. So, All together in my mouth? Perfect balance.

Love it! :)

Where to find?
- ION Orchard
- Raffles Place
- Vivo city
- Other places (East Coast Road, Kallang Leisure Park, Brighton Crescent)

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Amusement Time!

Hi people! Here's some updates of my daily journal. :)

Actually, all the photos were taken around few weeks ago and today, I just happen to write about those. sorry for the lateness. :(

Again.. I was spending my weekend time with my friends. What was I wearing that day? I feel my style for the past two months have changed. Dunno why, it was all about sophisticated and chic. haha.

I was wearing my black bow tie blouse and of course, It is so sophisticated look. For me, bow tie usually known as women officer's must have items and because I did not want to seem formal, I tried to get a bit relax mood, I wore an abstract yet colorful pattern pants to get a contrast effect. The whole look? Voila.. I'm totally in love with my new style. haha..

*me with my new style

Remember a friend of mine, Janissa? The girl who I mentioned in my previous blog? For some reasons, I really like her accessories. So again, I spotted cool accesories that she wore. Let's check it out.

 *Janissa and me

 * Spotted accessories

It was all black. Look at her ring! It's cute. Black pearls with different size is so stylish and edgy. The bangles? She combined a squared shape and round shape together and those created an exquisite combination which I like so much. But, I love her necklace the most. Although the stone is fake and the middle part of the stone were crushed intentionally. It created a rough look yet fashionable.

Yearning for the necklace, I decided to buy the same necklace but in different color. lol. It was turquoise which I found much nicer than the black one. haha. Just for the info, I bought it at Forever 21 somerset and the price? only 9SGD.

* The necklaces

A classmate said to me; there is a feng shui believed that if you have stone which get crushed or smashed in the middle it will give you a good fortune. So, Grab it now!

Friday, 11 March 2011

Playing with Fabrics!

Around Last week, I was doing something exciting and it was so much fun at my school studio! :)

I made clothes using whatever tools in there. The studio have quite a lot roll of fabrics, sewing machine, etc. So, I tried to create some simple clothes for me and one of my roommates!

Firstly, I chose a pastel yellow jersey to create a simple knitwear from the stack of fabrics at the studio. The pattern was simple and just half-round shape which would draped nicely if you wear. The finishing is just raw edges. It's okay because knit fabric does not fray easily. Sometimes, raw finishing look much better than a proper one. Except for the neckline. I used binding with different fabric (polka dot black-white).

 *The pattern and flat view of the clothes

I really like to create color blocking in my design. I love to combine contrasting colors or motifs to play around with the design. Below is the picture of my roommate wearing my clothes. :)

*My roommate, Pamela Halomoan.

The whole look? yeap! It's so casual. The mood? Cheerful! :)

The other clothes that I made also quite simple. I was using polkadot fabric which was for the neckline binding.
The making of the pattern? Just took a few minutes. Square shape! Yeap, I made a loose square top.

At first I was going to create a dress. but a friend of mine, Leoni said that it did look like surgeon clothes. HAHAHA. So, I just make it shorter and her opinion is so true. It's better to be a blouse.

* The flat view of the blouse

For this clothes, Instead of raw edges, I did double fold and stitched on it to block the fray.

 *Sewing the edges

Here's the final look,

 *The Final clothes

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Japanese delight!

Craving for Japanese foods since last week and was recommended by a friend, I decided to go and had lunch with my friends at Senki this afternoon. Located at 109 Killiney road, Somerset.
It was a suitable place to hang out and indulge your gastric.

*Senki restaurant (exterior)

*The interior

The place quite cozy and the people there was friendly to greet us when we first entered the restaurant. They have a buffet and ala carte menus but we chose ala carte for our lunch. It was good and of course, reasonable price for a Japanese restaurant.

 *me and my friends

I really like their sashimi. It savored awesome! 
The sashimi was moist and fresh! The left picture is their sashimi platter, assorted raw fishes such as maguro (tuna), shake (salmon), mekajiki (swordfish), tako (octopus). The right picture is thick slices of salmon which tasted so juicy. Love it!

* Sashimi Platter

Besides that, my two friends and I ordered set lunch. The set lunch was a flat-rectangle box filled with main courses, rice, chawanmushi, miso soup, peach salad, and fruits. The price? range of 18 SGD-29SGD.

Those pictures are the set lunches that we had. Each set had two maincourses.
1.  The main courses are Beef Yakiniku- Grilled Mackarel fish
This set lunch was ordered by me. The yakiniku so tasty and toothsome. Perfect balance!
2. Sashimi- Unagi  yanagawa.
3. Sukiyaki- Sashimi.

Another friend of mine ordered unagi don. She said the unagi so jellied and tasty. (Feels like in Japan? Indeed..). Served with Japanese mash potato, miso soup, and fruit salads. The price is 12 SGD.

* Unagi don

It was a good afternoon with a superb lunch! Love it! :)

Monday, 28 February 2011

Feels like home in Ma Maison

Wistful with grandma cooking? Let's try Ma Maison!
It is a western-Japanese restaurant with the concept of old kitchen.

When I first came, I was amazed by the interior of the restaurant. It made me feel nostalgic and homey.
A flowery table cloth, curtains, and surrounded by full set of kitchen utensils which so vintage looking.

*the interior of the restaurant

I went there for lunch with friend and below, were foods that we had.

Firstly, I ordered escargot with garlic butter and clam chowder soup as our appetizers.
For the appetizers, I only have the picture of escargot. Yummy? yes it does. It was so tender, moist, and juicy. It mixed well with the garlic butter sauce which so tasty and melted in the mouth perfectly. They were a little bit difficult to eat because of the shell. But, don't worry. They will give you a pincers.

 *Escargot with garlic butter sauce

Besides that, We had a delicious main courses!

* Scotch egg

The scotch egg was toothsome! I like the brown-layered (I think it was a beef) which covered the egg. It was so crunchy and with the black sauce underneath the eggs tasted really great.

*Chef's pizza
Okay, again! I would say it savored awesome! The pizza was thin and crispy at the edge. Topped with bacon's, prawns, beef salamis, and mozzarella cheese. What a great combination. Damn good.

Last but not least. It's dessert time! :)
I heard from a friend who really like to eat there that all the dessert freshly arrived from Nagoya, Japan. Wow.. 
 * Banana Caramel Pie

From all the foods I had, I really like this one. I loved the pie layered. It was crunchy yet tender. Covered with a layer of banana pudding then fresh caramelized bananas. At first, I thought the thick white rounded shape was marshmallow but I guessed wrongly. It was just cream topped with walnut. Overall? Love it!