Monday, 28 March 2011

Another GIVE HOPE.. Let's rebuild Japan..!

Hey readers! :) Again still talking about Japan.... I found another interesting charity to express our deep condolences to Japan.

Now, Here we are.. Spotted at Milennia walk, Parco Next Next, the local fashion incubator programme located at Marina Bay. What kind of event that they held? They held a "Singapore Designers Give Back"  which started from 25th-27th March. At the end of the 3 heavenly days event, a cheque of the sales done will be given as donation to the Red Cross Charity, the organization handling all donations for Japan’s disaster.

*Parco front view (The display)

*The "Singapore designers give back" event

Those three heavenly days totally feels like heaven.. haha. They really put unbelievable prices for all the clothes. My friend came on their first day and she bought a dress by 20 SGD!!! the original price was 200+ SGD.. Wasn't it crazy?

All the discount clothes were placed in an one corner of Parco next next. Local designer's brands and others local brands were all hanging there and the prices were just nice. :)

 *The discount clothes's corner

I came on their last day and it much much crazier. So, without thinking to much.... I grabbed a few clothes!

* The cowls knit tops that I bought (Original price were 60+ SGD)

 *The taffeta a-line skirt! Love it

I bought those two by 10 SGD only! All the payment for every purchased items (only at that corner) went to Parco cashier's (again I said) will be given as donation.

*At the cashier counter. (Can you see the white box there? It was a donation box.)

I was so happy and also glad that I could be a part of it (Helping Japan from Tsunami and Earthquakes crisis.)

Let's help Japan! yeay!!

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