Thursday, 17 March 2011

Amusement Time!

Hi people! Here's some updates of my daily journal. :)

Actually, all the photos were taken around few weeks ago and today, I just happen to write about those. sorry for the lateness. :(

Again.. I was spending my weekend time with my friends. What was I wearing that day? I feel my style for the past two months have changed. Dunno why, it was all about sophisticated and chic. haha.

I was wearing my black bow tie blouse and of course, It is so sophisticated look. For me, bow tie usually known as women officer's must have items and because I did not want to seem formal, I tried to get a bit relax mood, I wore an abstract yet colorful pattern pants to get a contrast effect. The whole look? Voila.. I'm totally in love with my new style. haha..

*me with my new style

Remember a friend of mine, Janissa? The girl who I mentioned in my previous blog? For some reasons, I really like her accessories. So again, I spotted cool accesories that she wore. Let's check it out.

 *Janissa and me

 * Spotted accessories

It was all black. Look at her ring! It's cute. Black pearls with different size is so stylish and edgy. The bangles? She combined a squared shape and round shape together and those created an exquisite combination which I like so much. But, I love her necklace the most. Although the stone is fake and the middle part of the stone were crushed intentionally. It created a rough look yet fashionable.

Yearning for the necklace, I decided to buy the same necklace but in different color. lol. It was turquoise which I found much nicer than the black one. haha. Just for the info, I bought it at Forever 21 somerset and the price? only 9SGD.

* The necklaces

A classmate said to me; there is a feng shui believed that if you have stone which get crushed or smashed in the middle it will give you a good fortune. So, Grab it now!

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