Friday, 18 March 2011

Death by Chocolate.. :p

Gastronomic pleasure time! :)
I really like desserts! yes it's true. I am badly addicted. Like human need air to keep breathing, I need sugar to keep moving in this life.. :p

All those kind of cakes, muffins, ice creams, local desserts make me feels like in heaven! Yeay.. Tons of fat but at the same time, I don't even bothered with the consequences. My mother always says that I need to be careful with "them" because those may cause diabetic. But still.. They are so incredibly toothsome.

Last time, I got a box of chocolate cupcakes. It was given to me and my roomies from our housemate, Jessica. Anyway, Thank you sweet.. :)

* Awfully chocolate

She bought it from Awfully chocolate. One of the most famous chocolate shop in Singapore. What we had? yeap, definitely... chocolate cupcakes.

* The closer look of the chocolate cupcakes

It tasted so yummy. The cupcake itself was just a soft chocolate cupcake, textured like pound cake and dressed in delicious soft dark chocolate frosting with a dollop of dark chocolate fudge.

Sounds heavy and too sweet, isn't it? But what I found in the cupcake was great and perfect in the combination.

* The toppings of soft chocolate frosting and chocolate fudge

The chocolate frosting which covered the cupcakes was so good. It did tasted sweet but the sweet originally came from pure milk chocolate so it would not make you feel dizzy if you insist to lick it. :) The dollop of chocolate fudge was less sweet and much bitter so it melted well in your mouth.

I thought those topping would make me nauseous because of the sweetness. When I bit the cup cake it did not taste sugary at all. I just could savor a chocolate powder flavor which bitter yet sweet. I think they already managed the level of sweetness in every each of component. So, All together in my mouth? Perfect balance.

Love it! :)

Where to find?
- ION Orchard
- Raffles Place
- Vivo city
- Other places (East Coast Road, Kallang Leisure Park, Brighton Crescent)

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