Friday, 11 March 2011

Playing with Fabrics!

Around Last week, I was doing something exciting and it was so much fun at my school studio! :)

I made clothes using whatever tools in there. The studio have quite a lot roll of fabrics, sewing machine, etc. So, I tried to create some simple clothes for me and one of my roommates!

Firstly, I chose a pastel yellow jersey to create a simple knitwear from the stack of fabrics at the studio. The pattern was simple and just half-round shape which would draped nicely if you wear. The finishing is just raw edges. It's okay because knit fabric does not fray easily. Sometimes, raw finishing look much better than a proper one. Except for the neckline. I used binding with different fabric (polka dot black-white).

 *The pattern and flat view of the clothes

I really like to create color blocking in my design. I love to combine contrasting colors or motifs to play around with the design. Below is the picture of my roommate wearing my clothes. :)

*My roommate, Pamela Halomoan.

The whole look? yeap! It's so casual. The mood? Cheerful! :)

The other clothes that I made also quite simple. I was using polkadot fabric which was for the neckline binding.
The making of the pattern? Just took a few minutes. Square shape! Yeap, I made a loose square top.

At first I was going to create a dress. but a friend of mine, Leoni said that it did look like surgeon clothes. HAHAHA. So, I just make it shorter and her opinion is so true. It's better to be a blouse.

* The flat view of the blouse

For this clothes, Instead of raw edges, I did double fold and stitched on it to block the fray.

 *Sewing the edges

Here's the final look,

 *The Final clothes

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