Monday, 28 February 2011

Feels like home in Ma Maison

Wistful with grandma cooking? Let's try Ma Maison!
It is a western-Japanese restaurant with the concept of old kitchen.

When I first came, I was amazed by the interior of the restaurant. It made me feel nostalgic and homey.
A flowery table cloth, curtains, and surrounded by full set of kitchen utensils which so vintage looking.

*the interior of the restaurant

I went there for lunch with friend and below, were foods that we had.

Firstly, I ordered escargot with garlic butter and clam chowder soup as our appetizers.
For the appetizers, I only have the picture of escargot. Yummy? yes it does. It was so tender, moist, and juicy. It mixed well with the garlic butter sauce which so tasty and melted in the mouth perfectly. They were a little bit difficult to eat because of the shell. But, don't worry. They will give you a pincers.

 *Escargot with garlic butter sauce

Besides that, We had a delicious main courses!

* Scotch egg

The scotch egg was toothsome! I like the brown-layered (I think it was a beef) which covered the egg. It was so crunchy and with the black sauce underneath the eggs tasted really great.

*Chef's pizza
Okay, again! I would say it savored awesome! The pizza was thin and crispy at the edge. Topped with bacon's, prawns, beef salamis, and mozzarella cheese. What a great combination. Damn good.

Last but not least. It's dessert time! :)
I heard from a friend who really like to eat there that all the dessert freshly arrived from Nagoya, Japan. Wow.. 
 * Banana Caramel Pie

From all the foods I had, I really like this one. I loved the pie layered. It was crunchy yet tender. Covered with a layer of banana pudding then fresh caramelized bananas. At first, I thought the thick white rounded shape was marshmallow but I guessed wrongly. It was just cream topped with walnut. Overall? Love it!

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunny Sunday Style.. :)

Today, I went out with Janissa and had lunch together. Relax and casual were mood of the day.

Nostalgic with fit and flare style a.k.a 50s. I was wearing long skirt and for the tops, it was just plain fitted t-shirt. For the accesories? I wore wood bracelet, long-layered necklace, sunglasses which created casual mood all day! (Feels like get ready for holiday. In fact it's not.)

Wedges shoes? yeap! It was a good choice to help you look sophisticated without pain. You know what? Wedges much much better than pointed heels. Both are able to make you look great. I could wear wedges and walk around for an hour without being hurt and pain at my toes. Other heels? Worst.. So, I suggest grab a wedges shoes! Less pain and chic at the same time.

*wedges shoes make my day easier!

See? It match perfectly! Love it.. :)

I also took a picture of Janissa. Her style looked inspiring somehow.

She was wearing black. Yeah, from the head to toe was black. Except her shorts.
She's punk!(kidding)

A sheer black t-shirt, grey shorts, black boots. It was simply rocker style. She looked pretty and so fresh with light make up. Her accessories? Cool. I like her necklaces. Metallic (accessories) and grey-black color (clothes) could create a casual yet rocker really rocked n' rolled our day! Love it..

Friday, 25 February 2011

When Western Food Tasted in Singapore

Here's some reviews of a Western cafe near my house.

The place is cozy and comfort for you who want to be relax and kill the time during weekend. I usually have lunch and dinner in there.

What famous in there? It's their Carbonara, a creamy cheese sauce. You can choose either with spaghetti or penne but both are nice choices. I have tried their Spaghetti Aglio-Olio with bacon and it tasted really good.

 * Spaghetti Aglio-Olio

First bite? It was delicious! There were garlics and olive oil which mixed well with the spaghetti.  By adding bacon, (the original menu do not have bacon, so I asked extra bacon with additional charges; 2SGD) It made the balance perfect! :)
The price is 7.90 SGD inclusive GST

A friend of mine, Janissa ordered A lamb chop which savored wonderful.
* Janissa and Me
* Lamb Chop

It was moist and juicy lamb ribs and there was red wine flavor in the sauce. The onion salad with grilled potatoes and vegetables made more marvelous tone.
The price is 12.90 SGD inclusive GST.


Thursday, 24 February 2011

Lace Voila!

Lace! Adorable items that inspired my style these days. Do not think of vintage lace or Victorian lace. It's just a sexy-lace stocking. (used to be lingerie?)

Lately, Lace get more more and more popular in 2011. So, I tried new experiment with lace in the same style like DKNY Holiday look of Hongkong. I was trying a simple-chic look yet stylish in the fresh way.


Simple? yeap! It was just a black short with sexy pattern of lace stocking which was so chic yet sexy. A coral blue tops as a contrasting effect created a fresh mood for overall look! Love it...!

It's not just an Introduction

Hi, I won't say my name. You already know it. So, I just give you a short brief of me.
I'm Chinese-Indonesian and currently study Fashion in Singapore. 
Here's my new blog. I will write whatever I do, whenever I feel, and especially when it comes to Fashion and Food. I Just do it in my own style.

Feel free to read and share!