Saturday, 26 March 2011

GIVE HOPE :) Let's rebuild Japan!

Deeply solicitude for Japan. :(
Tsunami and Earthquake in Japan really caught attention in the world. It was unfortunate and yet fortunate.

Why I said fortunate? It is also an opportunity for lots of people to show their empathy towards Japan in different and unique ways. I found an interesting charitable activity to support Japan. What is that? I will tell you now! :)

Yesterday, I went to a cake shop in Ann Siang Hill. It is near clark quay and chinatown area. The place is called KKi. What is so curious about them? You can eating your cake while you are hunting toys or stationary in there. The shop has cozy and cute concept.

*The banner

Here's the pictures of their interior from their facebook (I downloaded it). Left side is their bakery when the other side is their toys shop ( known as "The little drom store"). You can find many fascinating toys, artist series books, vintage clothes, retro accessories, and many more.

*The interior of the shop

What is the unique activity that I mention before? Yeap, here we are.. Because of Japan natural disaster, currently they are having an event called GIVE HOPE* Rebuild Japan.

What is all about? Hmm.. you buy cake, you help Japan. They sell cakes look like Japanese flag. Every amount spent will be given to Japan. The event itself is only until April 10th. for more info visit this link.!/event.php?eid=119275584817574.

I went there with my roomates and you know what? Although it was just a rectangle shortcake with a round slice of strawberry on top of it......... but..... tasted really super duper good. (okay, I'm being overreacted. :P)

* The Japanese flag cake

*Side view

It was very thick layer of cake! Creamy and Moist. The cream was so milky, the sponge cake was yummy and buttery savored. It really melted well in mouth with fresh and thick dices of strawberry in there. Awesome! What a great combination. The price for a slice is 8 SGD.

One of my roomie really loves the cake. She said her first bite feels like she is in heaven. It was all worth it waiting for 30 minutes. We came in the evening and the first round's cake was finished. So, we did wait for 30 minutes to eat their second round's cake.

* Caca, my roomie. See? She was so happy and her face looked extremely excited to bite the cake.

What's more fun about the shop? The Chef is Japanese. HAHA.

So, Let's help Japan readers! :)

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